Here at Ascent we like to keep our recruitment strategy simple, with a straightforward and personable approach to any hiring assignment. We offer a variety of engagements, and with the ability to be flexible with our services -we will deliver the search most suited your business.

Retained Search

This is often used for senior hires or difficult-to-fill positions. With a fee agreed upfront, we make a commitment to you that your search assignment will be our number one priority. We will dedicate the time of our researchers and consultants to provide you with a long list of candidates, which may be narrowed down to a presentation of a shortlist. Once the assignment is completed, the original payment will be deducted from the placement fee.

Contingent Search

A popular approach which mitigates the risk for you as a fee is not required until a candidate begins employment with you. This option is regularly used on interim and contract assignments, where the overall process is shorter.

Exclusive Search

Through your offer of exclusivity of the assignment to us, and the knowledge that we are not competing with other firms - we can have greater control and partnership in the recruitment campaign. This often provides a smoother and simpler process for candidate and client alike. 

Whether we are operating under a contingent, retained or exclusive search agreement, we always uphold our principled and personal approach, which is reflected in the following process:

  1. Briefing: To gain an understanding on a personal and professional level into your hiring requirements and to tailor a recruitment strategy that suits you. By building an early rapport we seek to gain an insight into your culture, USPs and to cement mutually agreeable job specifications and expectations in the process.
  2. Market Research:   We map the relevant market, by identifying competitors and recent market trends to give you an insight into hiring patterns and to re-define if required the strategy agreed upon in the briefing.
  3. Presentation of Candidates:   Through identifying relevant candidates and thorough interviewing, we will present fully profiled candidates within the agreed upon time scale.
  4. Continual Dialogue:   Often forgotten once contracts are signed, we believe this to be an essential stage cannot be overlooked. Through regular dialogue, we will develop a relationship where upon you can count on us to provide you with feedback from candidates and other SMEs within the industry, including how your firm is regarded. From this we can make the relevant changes our search where necessary.